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  • Occupants Fumigation Notice and Pesticide Disclosure
  • Wine/Liquor Release
  • Pet Cat Preparation
  • Occupants Instructions and Checklist (2 pgs.)
  • Miscellaneous Releases
  • Important Key Information

This is a portion of the required paperwork that must be completely filled out, signed, dated and returned (even if the property is vacant) to Driskell Fumigation ASAP, but no later than 2 business days before your scheduled fumigation date. There may be additional documents which pertains to your property, that may be sent to you to complete, sign and return.

Please do not complete and return these forms to Driskell Fumigation until your fumigation has been scheduled. A definitive version, with other releases that may pertain specifically to your property, will be sent to you either by mail, fax, or email.

  -  BEETLES 7

We will notify you if you will need to have this signed by a neighbor. In most cases, this form will not pertain to you.

 Vikane Fact Sheet 2

This Information Is For You To Keep.

This section provides basic information about Vikane, the gas fumigant we use; what to know about fumigaiton; tips in preparing for fumigation; what items to remove from your property and/or place in Nylofume bags before the fumigation and how to use Nylofume bags; and an overview of what must be completed for the exterior preparation.

 Vikane Fact Sheet - en Español
 What To Know 2
 Preparing 2
 To Remove/Bag or Not 1
 What To Bag 2
 What To Bag - en Español
 Exterior Preparation Overview 1
 Efficacy of Orange Oil 1

This is a technical release showing the lab results supporting how "whole house fumigation is the most effective method documented to provide complete control of drywood termites in structures, including colonies in areas inaccessible for localized treatment."


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